Package net.sourceforge.xwing

Interface Summary
SourceSink A proxy for some value that can be read and written, and to which interested listeners may subscribe to receive change notification.
SourceSinkFactory An interface for classes that create a SourceSink.

Class Summary
AbstractSourceSink A partial implementation of SourceSink that takes care of managing the list of listeners.
AggregatingListModel A ListModel that acts as an aggregation of other ListModel instances.
BooleanToTextAdapter A SourceSink that converts Boolean values that are set and retrieved via its get() and set() methods and text values in an underlying SourceSink.
CachingSourceSink A SourceSink that caches values retrieved from an underlying SourceSink.
DefaultValueSourceSink A SourceSink that channels a value from some other SourceSink.
DiffingListModel A ListModel that accepts wholesale updates to its contents in the form of new Lists but reports as changes only the differences.
FilteringListModel A base class for ListModel implementations that filter the values retrieved from some underlying ListModel.
FilteringSourceSink A SourceSink that gets and sets its values via another underlying SourceSink.
MapSourceSink A SourceSink whose value is retrieved from and written to a Map using a specified key.
NullSourceSink A SourceSink whose value is always null.
SimpleSourceSink A SourceSink that internally stores any arbitrary Object as its value.
WeakSourceSink A SourceSink that acts as a proxy to another SourceSink.

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